What is your delivery fee policy ?

There is a standard $10 delivery fee. We do NOT mail our kits. You can pick up kits in Casselman at no charge. 

How do we make an appointment to book a virtual spa party ?

ALL party reservations are to be made via email or via our "contact us" page ONLY (NO reservations will be made over the phone). Let us know which kit you would like, the quantity and the preferred party date/time for the party. We will email you in return with confirmation and all details. Virtual parties are done via Google Meets and we ask that you and your guests verify ahead of time that you are able to connect via this portal in order to lessen any delay on the day of your service. 

What if I need to cancel a virtual spa party ?

As a courtesy, I ask at minimum a 24 hours notice. I do understand that unforeseen situations can come up at the last minute, but if you are unable to keep your appointment, please call or text me at 613-266-2037 ASAP to let me know. Please take into consideration that if you do not, it can be a significant loss of my time.

What payment method is accepted ?

At the moment, only e-transfers are accepted as payment. 

Are gratuities included in your prices ?

Although gratuities are very much appreciated, they are not included in our prices. I leave this up to you to initiate at your own discretion.

What is your liability policy ?

Spa Bambina, its owner and employees assume no responsibility or liability for : any accidents, allergies (spa products/items/candy, etc), or injuries to guests before, during or after the virtual event. I ensure that all products are safe to the best of my ability, however, liability lies solely with the client.

Do you take pictures during virtual parties ?

Of course ! I love taking pics ! Note that all photos taken by me are the sole ownership of Spa Bambina. Pictures are used for promotional purposes only. Most pictures are posted on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It is THE HOST'S responsibility to advise all parents of guests. Do let me know if you have any concerns BEFORE the service or party takes place.  

Do you speak English only ?

Although our site is in English, I am fully bilingual - nous pouvons vous servir entièrement en français avec plaisir !