How to book a mini spa service or spa party : 

1. browse services on their respective pages and make a choice

2. complete both the booking form AND the COVID Liability Release Waiver that are found at the very bottom of this page

3. within 48 hours; you will then receive a detailed email confirming whether or not the desired timeframe is available and/or if any remaining details are required

4. for groups of 3 or more; when all is confirmed, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required by e-transfer to officially complete the booking, this amount will be conveyed in the confirmation email   

* please visit the "FAQ" page prior to booking *

- TRAVEL : I travel up to 30 km at no charge (based from my location in Casselman, ON) 

Travel fees are as indicated below, by using google maps from "Casselman, Ontario" to your location :

30 up to 40 km : $15 

40 up to 50 km : $25

50 up to 60 km : $35

60 up to 70 km : $45

70 up to 80 km : $55

What the host needs to provide :
  • supervision of all girls at all time
  • a parking spot for me as close as possible to the entrance
  • access to running water
  • access to good lighting
  • access to a spacious, non-cluttered, pet-free area 
  • a table and chairs, additional seating as necessary that will properly accommodate services for the number of guests attending
  • a simple additional activity to entertain the girls should there be a slight wait for their turn 

COVID Liability Release Waiver

This waiver is to be completed for ALL guests attending the spa service (the host is responsible to assure all attending guests' parent/guardian complete and submit PRIOR to the service date)

I affirm that I, as well as all members of the household (please click below) :

Please click statements below as acknowledgement :

Spa Service Booking Form

We will contact you via email within 48 hours of receipt to confirm your service. We will also provide you with the final cost plus tax and travel fee, if applicable. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to be sent via e-transfer to secure your booking. The balance will be owed on the day of service in cash, cheque (there is a fee of $35 for any returned cheque) or e-transfer.

Would you like any extras :

Please click below to confirm that :

                                                       *** prices / spa packages subject to change without notice ***