Before booking, please note :

Minimum 2 girls required.

- prices are not tax inclusive, therefore tax is extra

- travel fee per km x 2 (both ways) is extra

Depending on how many will attend, I may require a non-refundable deposit in order to secure your booking.

please take a moment to visit our "FAQ" page too !

** no alterations to the mini spa services please **

*** girls need to be polish-free or there is a fee of $5 per girl who is not ***

FINAL HEADCOUNT CONFIRMATION IS REQUIRED 3 DAYS PRIOR TO A SERVICE - you are responsible to pay for ALL confirmed number of guests regardless of number attending (as I do reserve my time based on final confirmation, therefore charges still apply on any guest(s) that fail to show)

Note that I do not issue any discount for any guest who does not wish to participate in any of the activities.

Important : if a child has no patience to wait or is unable to take the necessary precautions until the polish is completely dry, note that this may affect the outcome and I would not be able to guarantee a beautiful application. As a result, I am unable to re-do polish applications. 

I reserve the right to postpone or cancel a servive or party due to bad weather or illness on my end. If this is the case, I will do my best to reschedule at a mutually agreeable date and time. If unable to do so, I will refund you the full deposit, if one was made. (please visit our "FAQ" page for further details on service/party cancellations)

I will aim to arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to set up. 

Included in our services :

  • exclusive Spa Bambina robes to wear for duration of party (this is dependent on the number of guests, if unable to accommodate then we will provide another accessory)
  • all pampering supplies (ie makeup, nail polish, bowls, towels, etc)
  • reading material and activity books for duration of party
  • some seating and 1-2 tables (dependent on number of guests and space available)

What the host needs to provide :
  • supervision of all girls at all time
  • a parking spot for me as close as possible to the entrance
  • access to running water
  • access to good lighting
  • access to a spacious, non-cluttered, pet-free area that will properly accommodate services for the number of guests attending, as well as additional seating and/or table(s) as needed as backup
  • a simple additional activity to entertain the girls should there be a slight wait for their turn