Do you still offer in-spa services ?

Unfortunately no. As of July 2019 we are no longer offering spa services in our in-spa homebased location.

How do we make an appointment ?

Reservations required. ALL reservations are to be made via email or via our "book here" page ONLY (NO reservations will be made over the phone). 

Do you take pictures during services ?

Of course ! I love taking pics ! Note that all photos taken by me are the sole ownership of Spa Bambina. Pictures are used for promotional purposes only. Most pictures are posted on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. PLEASE NOTE that It is YOUR responsibility to advise all parents of guests. Do let me know if you have any concerns BEFORE the service takes place. 

What if one of the girls acts inappropriately ?

I ask that the host adult supervises the girls, no exceptions. I concentrate on pampering the girls and I am unable to do so if there is excessive ruckus. We also ask that there is no running nor throwing of pillows or other near our pampering station or equipment.

What happens if any girls arrive late to the scheduled appointment time?

Should anyone arrive late, then they will join in to where I am in the service. Unfortunately it may mean missing out on a bit of the fun. 

Do we need to prep the girls in any way before a service ?

Please make sure ALL girls are polish-free as there will be a fee of $5 per girl who is not, this fee will automatically be added to the final cost.  

Can us moms/adults have mini spa services too ?

Of course ! BUT please note that we are a kids spa, we are NOT equipped with your standard salon/spa equipment, there is no nail/cuticle trimming but there is still fun and pampering.  

What if I need to cancel a mini spa service ?

As a courtesy, I ask at minimum a 24 hours notice. I do understand that unforeseen situations can come up at the last minute, but if you are unable to keep your appointment, please call me ASAP to let me know. Please take into consideration that I do need to pack the material, load the vehicle, and travel to your home/venue. So please advise me ASAP of any cancellation or changes as this can be a significant loss of my time and loss of another potential client.  

Alternately, if we need to cancel/postpone a mini spa service due to weather or illness, we will advise you right away and will work with you to reschedule on a mutually convenient date and time. 

Are gratuities included in your prices ?

Although gratuities are very much appreciated, they are not included in our prices. I leave this up to you to initiate at your own discretion.

What is your liability policy ?

Spa Bambina, its owner and employees assume no responsibility or liability for : any accidents, losses, damages, sensitivities or allergies (spa products, clothing, etc), or injuries to guests before, during or after the event. We will ensure that your home/venue is treated with care and respect, however, any and all liability lies with the client. 


Do you speak English only ?

Although our site is in English, I am fully bilingual - nous pouvons vous servir entièrement en français avec plaisir !

Do you have gift certificates ?

YES ! Can be used for any dollar amount or for any mini spa service. They can be mailed or emailed to you upon receipt of payment.

What are your methods of payment ?

I accept cash or interac e-transfer only.

Are you a trained professional ?

No. Debbie (owner/operator) is a relaxation therapist. I am not a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. My services are strictly for pretend play and for entertainment purposes only. I aim to provide a fun environment and make every girl feel special by being pampered to the max !